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Directions: Read fhe jollowing fexr. Choose the best word (s) for eachnumbered blank and mark A B, C or D on the ANSWER SHEET. (10points)
You social life is defined as the activities you do with other peoplefor pleasure,when you are not working ,It's important to have a sociallife,but what's right for one person won't be right for another.Some of usfeel energised by spending lots of time with others, 1 ,some of usmay feel drained,even if it's doing something we enjoy.
This is why finding a 2in your social life is key.Spending toomuch time on your own,not 3 others,can make you feel lonely and 4Loneliness is known to impart on your mental health and  5  a lowmood.Anyone can feel lonely at any time.This might be especially true if,6 ,you are working from home and you are 7 on the usual sociaconversations that happen in an office.Other life changes can 8 periodsof loneliness too,such as retirement changing jobs or becoming a parent.It's important to recognise these feelings of loneliness .There are waysto9 a social life,but it can feel overwhelming  l0 It's a great ideal tostart by thinking about hobbies you enjoy.You can them find groups andactivities related tothose where you will be able to meet 11 people.There are groups almed at new parents.at those who want to 12 a new sport for the first time,or networking events for those in the sameprofession to meet up and  13ideas.
On the other hand, it's 14 possible to have too much of a sociallife. lf you fecl like you're always doing something and there is never any15 in your calendar for downtime, you could suffer social burnout orsocial16. We all have our own social limit and it's important torecongnise when you're feeling like it's all too much. Low mood, lowenergy, irritability and trouble sleeping could all be  17 of poor socialhealth. Make sure you 18 some time in your diary when you're19for socialising and use this time to relax,20and recover.
5.【A】contribute to【B】rely on【C】interfere with【D】go against
6.【A】infact【B】of course【C】for example【D】on average
7.【A】cutting back【B】missing out【C】breaking in【D】looking down
10.【A】at first【B】in turn【C】on time【D】by chance
答案1-5题  CBADA
答案6-10题  CABDA
答案11-14题  DABC
Section Il Reading Comprehension
Directions: Read the following four fexis. Answer the quesfions beloweach text by choosing A, B, C or D. Mark your answers on the ANSWERSHEET (40 points)
Text 1
In her new book Cogs and Monsters: What Economics ls, and What ItShould Be, Diane Coyle, an economist at Cambridge University, argucsthat the digitaleconomy requires new ways of thinking about progress"Whatever we mean by the economy growing, by things getting better.the gains will have to be more evenly shared than in the recent past,” shewrites.“ An economy of tech millionaires or billionaires and gig workers.with middle-income jobs undercut by automation, will not be politicallysustainable.
lmproving living standards and increasing prosperity for more people will require greater use of digital technologies to boost productivity invarious sectors. including health care and construction, says Covle. Butpeople can't be expected to embrace the changes if they're not seeing thebenefits - if they're just seeing good jobs being destroved.
In a recent intervicw, Coyle said she fears that tech's inequalityproblem could be a roadblock to deploying Al. “ Were talking aboutdisruption," she says. " These are transformative technologies that changcthe ways we spend our time every day, that change business models thatsucceed.” To make such “tremendous changes," she adds, you need socialbuy-in.
Instead, says Coyle, resentment is simmering among many as thebenefits are perceived to go to elites in a handful of prosperous cities
According to the Brookings Institution, a short list of eight Americancities that included San Francisco, San Jose, Boston, and Seattle hadroughly 38% of all tech jobs by 2019.New AI technologies are particularlconcentrated:Brookings's Mark Muro and Sifan Liu estimate that just 15cities account for two-thirds of the AI assets and capabilities in the UnitedStates.
The dominance of a few cities in the invention and commercializationof Al means that geographical disparities in wealth will continue to soarNot only will this foster political and social unrest, but it could, as Coylesuggests, hold back the sorts of AI technologies needed for regional economies to grow.
Part of the solution could lie in somehow loosening the strangleholdthat BigTech has on defining the Al agenda. That will likely take increasedfederal funding for research independent of the tech giants.
A morc immediate response is to broaden our digital imaginations toconceive of AI technologies that don't simply replace jobs but expandopportunities in the sectors that different parts of the country care mostabout, like health care,education,and manufacturing
21. Coyle argues in her new book that economic growth should
[A] give nse to innovations
[B] diversify career choices
[C benefit people equally
[D] be promoted forcefully
22.According to Paragraph 2, digital technologies should be usedto
[A] bring about instant prospenty
[B] reduce people's workload
[C] raise overall work efficiency
[D] enhance cross-sector
23.What does Coyle fear about transformative technologies?
[A] They may affect work-life balance
[B] They may be impractical to deploy
[C] They may incur huge expenditure
[D] They may be unwelcome to the public
24. Several American cities are mentioned to show
[A] the uneven distribution of Al technologies in the US
[B] the disappointing prospect of tech jobs in the US
[C] the fast progress of US
[D] the increasing significance of US AI assets
25.With regard to Coyle's concern, the author suggests
[A] raising funds to start new Al projects
[B] encouraging collaboration in AI research
[C] guarding against the side effects of Al
[D] redefining the role of AI technologies
Text 2
The UK is facing a future construction crisis because of' a failure toplant trees to produce wood.Confor has warned.The forestry and woodtrade body has called for urgent action to reduce the country's reliance ontimber imports and provide a stable supply of wood for future gener-ationsCurrently only 20 per cent of the UK's wood requirement is home-grownwhile it remains the second-largest net importer of timber in the worldComing at a time of fresh incentives from the Uk government for landowners to grow more trees, the trade body says these don't go farenough and fail to promote the benefits of planting them to boost timbersupplies. "Not only are we facing a carbon crisis now, but we will also befacing a future construction crisis because of a failure to plant trees toproduce wood" said Stuart Goodall, chief executive of confor. For decadeswe have not taken responsibility for investing in our domestic wood supplyleaving us exposed to fluctuating prices and fighting for future supplics ofwood as global demand rises and own supplies fall."
The UK has ideal conditions for growing wood to build low-carbonhomes and is a global leader in certifying that its forests are sustainablymanaged. Confor says.While around three quarters of Scottish homes arebuilt from Scottish timber, the use of home-grown wood in England is onlyaround 25 percent.The causes of the UK's current position are complex andrange from outdated perceptions of productive forestry to the decimation oftrees by gray squirrels. It also encom passes significant hesitation on behalfof farmers and other landowners to invest in longer too planting projectsWhlie productive tree planting can deliver roal financial benefits torural economies and contribute to the Uk's net-zero strategy, the focus ofgovernment support continues to be on food production and rewilding andplanting of native woodland solely for biodiversity.Goodall adeed: "Whilefood production and biodiversity health are clearly of critical importance.we need our land to also provide secure supplies of wood for construction,manufacturing an contribute to net zero."While the UK government hasstated its ambition for more three planting, there has been little action onthe ground. Confor is now calling for much greater impetus behind thoseaspirations to ensure we have enough wood to meet increasing demand.
26. It can learned from paragraph l that Uk needs to
A.in crcase its domestic wood supply
Breduce its demand for timber
C. lower its wood production costs
D. lift its control on timber imports
27. According to confor, the Uk goverment's fresh incentives
A can hardly address a construction crisis
B.are believed to come at a wrong time
C. seem to be misleading for landowners
D.will be too costly to put into practice
28. The UK's exposure to fluctuating wood prices is a result of
A. the government's inaction on timber imports
B. inadequate investment in growing wood
C. the competition among timber traders at home
D. Wood producers' motive to maximise profits
29.Which of the following causes the shortage of wood supply in the UK?
A.Excessive timber consumption in construction
B.Unfavourable conditions for growing wood
C.outdated technologies of the wood industry
D. Farmers' unwillingness to plant trees.
30.What does Good all think the Uk government should do?
A. Subsidise the building of low-carbon homes
B.Pay greater attention to boosting rural economies
C. Provide more support for productive three planting
D. Give priority to pursuing its net-zero strategy
Text 3
One of' the biggest challenges in keeping unsafe aging drivers off the Its aroad is convincing them that it's time to turn over the keys.complete life-changer” when someone stops - or is forced to stop - driving.said former risk managet Anne M. Menke.
“The American Medical Association advises physicians that insituations where clear evidence of substantial driving impairment implies astrong threat to patient and public safety, and where the physician's adyiceto discontinue driving privileges is ignored, it is desirable and ethical tonotify the Department of Motor Vehicles,” Menke wrote." Some statesrequire physicians to report, others allow but do not mandate reports, whilea few consider a report a breach of confidentiality. There could be liabilityand penalties if a physician does not act in accordance with state laws onreporting and confidentiality, she counseled.
Part of the problem in keeping older drivers safe is that the difficultiesare addressed piecemeal by different professions with different focuses.including gerontologists, highway administration officials, automotiveengineers and others said gerontologist Elizabeth Dugan. “ There's not aNational Institute of Older Driver Studics. ” she said. " We need bettcrevidence on what makes drivers unsafe' and what can help, said Dugan.
One thing that does seem to work is requiring drivers to report inperson for license renewal. Mandatory in-person renewal was associatedwith a 3l percent reduction in fatal crashes involving drivers 85 or olderaccording to one study.Passing vision tests also produced a similar declinein fatal crashes for those drivers, although there appeared to be no benefitfrom combining the two.
Many older drivers don't see eye doctors or can't afford to. Primarcare providers have their hands full and may not be able to follow throughwith patients who have trouble driving because they can't turn their headsor remember where they are going - or have gotten shorter and haven'tchanged their seat settings sufficiently to reach car pedals easily.
As long as there are other cars on the roads, self-driving cars won'tsolve the problems of crashes, said Dugan. Avoiding dangers posed by allthose human drivers would require too many algorithms, she said. But weneed to do more to improve safety, said Dugan.“ If we're going to have100-year lives, wwe need cars that a 90-vear-old can drive comfortably."
3According to paragraph l, keeping unsafe aging drivers off theroad
​[A] is a new safety measure
[B] has become a disputed issue
[C] can be a toughs task to complete
[D] will be beneficial to their health
32. The American Medial Association's advice
[A] has won support form driver
[B] is generally considered unrealistic
[C] is widely dismissed as unnecessary
[D] has met with different responses
33. According to Dugan, efforts to keep older drivers safe
[A] have brought about big changes
[B] need to be well coordinated
[C] have gained public recognition
[D] call for relevant legal support
34.Some older drivers have trouble driving because they tend to
[A] stick with bad driving habits
[B] have a weakened memory
[C] suffer from chronic pains
[D] neglect car maintenance
35 Dugan thinks that the solution to the problems of crashes may lie
[A] upgrading self-driving vehicles
[B] developing senior-friendly cars
[C] renovating transport facilitics
[D] adjusting the age limit for drivers
Text 4
If you look at the apps on your phone, chances are you have at leastone related to your health - and probably several. Whether it is a mentalhealth app, a fitness tracker, a connected health device or something else,many of us are taking advantage of this technology to keep better track ofour health in some shape or form. Recent research from the Organizationfor the Review of Care and Health Applications found that 350,000 healthapps were available on the market, 90.000 of which launched in 2020alone.
While these apps have a great deal to offer, it is not always clear howthe personal information we input is collected, safeguarded and shareonline. Existing health privacy law, such as the Health InsurancePortability and Accountability Act, is primarily focused on the wayhospitals, doctors’ offices, clinics and insurance companies store healthrecords online. The health information theses apps and health data trackingwearables are collecting typically does not receive the same legal protections.
Without additional protections in place, companies may share (andpotentially monetize) personal health information in a way consumers maynot have authorized or anticipated. In 2021. Flo Health faced a FederaTrade Commission (FTC) investigation. The FTC alleged in a complaintthat “despite express privacy claims, the company took control of userssensitive fertility data and shared it with third parties.”’ Flo Health and FTCsettled the matter with a consent Drdor requiring the company to get appusers’express affirmative consent before sharing their health informationas well as to instruct the third parties to delete the data they and obtained.Section 5 of the FTC Act empowers the FTC to initiate enforcementaction against unfair or deceptive acts meaning the FTC can only act aftelthe fact if a company's privacy practices are misleading or causeunjustified consumer harm. While the FTC is doing what it can to ensureapps are keeping their promises to consumers around the handling of theirsensitive heal thinformations, the rate at which these health apps are hittingthe market demonstrates just now immense of a challenge this is.
As to the the prospects for federal legislation, commentators suggestthat comprehensive federal privacy legislation seems unlikely in the shortterm. States have begun implementing their own solutions to share upprotections for consumer-generated health data. California has been at theforefront of state privacy efforts with the California Consumer privacy Act of 2018. Virginia, Colorado and Utah have also recently passed stateconsumer data privacy legislation
36.The research findings are cited in paragraph l to show
[A] the prevalence of health apps
[B] the public concern over health
[C] popularity of smartphone
[D] the advancement of technology
37.What does the author imply about existing health privacy law?
[A] Its coverage needs to be extended
[B] Its enforcement needs strengthening
[C] It has discouraged medical misconduct
[D] It has disappointed insurance companies
38. Before sharing its users’ health information,Flo Health is required to
[A] Seek the approval of the FTC
[B] find qualified third parties
[C] remove irrelevant personal data
[D] Obtain their explicit permission
39. What challenge is the FTC currently faced with?
[A] The complexity of health information
[B] The rapid increase in new health apps
[C] The subtle deceptiveness if health apps
​[D] The difficulty in assessing consumer harm
40. It can be learned from the last paragraph that health date protection
[A] has bcen cmbraced by hcalth app developers
[B] has been a focus of federal policy-making
[C] has encountered opposition in California
[D] has gained legislative support in some states
阅读Text1 答案CCDAD
阅读Text2 答案AABDC
阅读Text3 答案CDBBB
阅读Text 4答案AADBD
Part B
Directions: Read the following text and match each of the numbereditems in the left column to its corresponding information in the righicolumn. There are two extra choices in the right column. Mark youranswers on the ANSWER SHEET (10 points)
High school students eager to stand out in the college applicationprocess often participate in a litany of extracurricular activities hoping tobolster their chances of admission to a selective undergraduate institution.However, college admissions experts say that the quality of a collegehopeful's extracurricular activitiesmatters more than the number ofactivities he or she participates in.
Sue Rexfor, the director of college guidance at the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School, says it is not necessary for a student filling out theCommon Application to list 10 activities in the application
"No college will expect that a student has a huge laundry list ofextracurriculars that they have been passionately involved in each for anextended period of timc" Rexford wrote in an email.
Experts say it is tougher to distinguish oneself in a school-affiliatedcxtracurricular activity that is common among high school students than itis to stand out while doing an uncommon activity.
"The competition to stand out and make an impact is going to bemuch stiffer, and so if they 're going to do a popular activity, I'd say, be thebest at it" says Sara Harberson, a college admissions consultant.
High school students who have an impressive personal project theyare working on independently often impress colleges, experts say.
"For example, a student with an interest in entrepreneurship coulddemonstrate skill and potential by starting a profitable small business,'Olivia Valdes, the founder of Zen Admissions consulting firm, wrote in anemail.
Joseph Adegboyega-Edun, a Maryland high school guidancecounselor, says unconventional extracurricular activities can help studentsimpress college admissions offices, assuming they demonstrated seriouscommitnent. "Again , since one of the big questions high school seniorsmust consider is What makes you unique?, having an uncommon extracurricular activity vs. a conventional one is an advantage," he wrote inan email.
Experts say demonstrating talent in at least one extracurricular activitycan help in the college admissions process, especially at top-tierundcrgraduatc Institutions
Distinguishing yourself in one focused type of extracurricularactivity can be a positive in the admissions process, especially for highlyselective institutions,where having top grades and test scores is notenough," Katie Kelley, admissions counselor at lvyWise admissionsconsultancy,wrote in an email." Students need to have that quality or hookthat will appeal to admissions officers and allow them to visualize how thestudent might come and enrich their campus community.?
Extracurricular activities related to the college major declared on acollege application are beneficial, experts suggest. "lf you already knowyour major,baving an extracurricular that fits into that major can be a bigplus."says Mayghin Levine,the manager of educational opportunitieswith The Cabbage Patch
Settlement House, a Louisville, Kentucky, nonprofit community
High school students who have had a strong positive influence ontheir community through an extracurricular activity may impress a collegcand win a scholarshipsays Erica Gwyn, a former math and science magnet program assistant at a public high school who is now executive director ofthe Kaleidoscope Careers Academy in Atlanta, a nonprofit organization.assistant at a public high school who is noW cxcculiye director oftheKaleidoscope Careers Academy in Atlanta, a nonprofit organization.
42.Sara Harberson
45.Enica Gwyn
A.Students who stand out in a specific extracurricular cativity will be favored bytop-tier instrirucions.
B.Students whose extracurricular activity has benefited their community are likeley to win a scholarship.
C.Undertaking too many extracurricular activities will hardly be seen as a plus by colleges.
D.A student who exhibits abilities in doing business can impress colleges.
E.High school students participating in popular activity should excel in it.
F.Engaging in uncommon activitiescan demonsirate student's determination and dedication.
G.It is advisable for students to choose anextracurnicular activity that is related to their future study at college.
With the smell of coffee and fresh bread floating in the air, Stalls bursting with colorful vegetables and tempting cheeses, and the buzz of friendly chats, farmers’ markets are a feast for the senses. They also provide an opportunity to talk to the people responsible for growing or raising your food, support your local economy and pick up fresh seasonal produce— all at the same time.
Farmers’ markets are usually weekly or monthly events, most often with outdoor stalls, which
allow farmers or producers to sell their food directly to customers. The size or regularity of markets can vary from season to season, depending on the area's agricultural calendar, and you’re likely to find different produce on sale at different times of the year. By cutting out the middlemen, the farmers secure more profit for their produce. Shoppers also benefit from seeing exactly where-and to who- their money is going.
41-45答案  ECFGB
Seetion IV Writing
Part A
Suppose you are organiring an onlime meeting.Write an email to Jack,an internatiomal student,to
1)invite him to participate,and
2)tell him the details.
You should write about 100 words on the ANSWER SHEET.
Do not use your own name.Use "Li Ming"instead (10 points)
合作进行保护古镇古楼的调查 提出计划 询问意见
Part B
Write an essay based on the chart below.In your writing.you should
1)interpret the chart,and
2)give your comments.
You should write about 150 words on the ANSWER SHEET.(15points)
英语二 作文范文小作文
Dear Jack,
Profusely delighted to conduct a survey with you, which is my great privilege. I am writing to introduce some information referring to my plan.
The details are as follows. To start with, what the survey includes are a host of projects like browsing the Internet for a basic acquaintance of old houses in the town and holding a debate on protection countermeasures. To continue, it is due to the importance and the meaning of the activity that I desire to call on Professor Smith, who is an expert in this field.
I would be much obliged if you offered me some of your opinions at your earliest convenience.
Yours sincerely,
Li Ming
英语二 作文范文大作文
Illusteated in the bar chart is a survey of bennfits of student's labor practice classes in a certain university.To be specific,acquiring knowledge makes up the largest proportion,accounting for 91.3%,followed by raising labor abilities,obtaining cheerful moods and enhancing cooperative capabilities at 84.8%,54.4% and 32.6% respectively.
Some elements may be responsible for the tendency aforementioned.For one thing,there exist an emerging body of individuals who tend to partake in labor practice classes,on the grounds that not only can it contribute to personal growth physically and emotionally but can promote community harmony.For another,practical abilities are to college students what water is to fish.In the absence of them,they would be refused by the challenging society,which helps explain why people prefer to do meaningful and valuable things.
All the factors taken into account,I nourish the perspective that the phenomenon appears highly prevalent at present and will rise in continuity within the foreseeable future.I am fully convinced that there will be a time when each student could make the best of their college time.
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